6 Must-Have Elements for Your Service-Based Business Website

6 Elements For Service-Based Business Website

6 Must-Have Elements for Your Service-Based Business Website

If you have a service-based business, such as an accounting firm, law office, trade business, or medical clinic, you need to make sure your website is up to the task of bringing in clients. Here are the 6 essential features your service business website needs to generate leads and get results:


1. Visible & Clear Contact Info

Make sure your phone number is visible in your website’s header so that people who want to speak with you can easily find it. This will help you be prepared for visitors who may just be looking to talk to someone from your business, instead of just reading your information and considering a purchase.

You should have a “contact” button on your website that leads to a contact page with all of your business’s information, including:

  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Contact/Enquiry Form
  • Physical address
  • Business hours
  • and a Google Map


Some tips for keeping your contact information visible and clear:

  • Use large, easy-to-read fonts
  • Place your contact information in a prominent location on your website
  • Include your contact information on every page of your website
  • Make sure your contact information is up-to-date


Almost 70% of web searches are now done on mobile devices, so it is crucial that your website is designed responsively to accommodate this. A responsive website will change and adapt to various screen sizes, whether it be a desktop computer, tablet, or mobile phone. This ensures that your website is accessible to the widest possible audience.

Hence, it is important to ensure your website is responsive. Allows your website to change and adapt to various screen sizes whether it be a full-size desktop pc, tablet, or mobile phone.


list of services

2. Clear List Of Services On the Homepage

You need to make sure your services are listed clearly so the search engines and visitors know what services your business provides. This will make it easy for them to find you and click back out to a competitor if they need to.

Listing all of your services in an easy-to-read section makes it easy for customers to see everything you offer at a glance. Having a complete list of services also let potential customers know exactly what you offer if they visit your site needing only one specific service.

Additionally, consider pairing each service with a bright photo that corresponds to that service. By doing this, you make it easy for customers to find what they’re looking for. Linking each service to its own individual page is also helpful for customers.

Including all of your services on your home page and making it easy for customers to find what they’re looking for will lead to more potential clients and more business for you.


3. Reviews & Testimonials

One of your main goals for your website should be to communicate trust and authority to your website visitors. Showing reviews from actual clients and customers is one great way to demonstrate your value to potential customers.

It is important for your business to have positive reviews about your business and the services listed. They help build trust and ultimately convert any visitor into a client of your business.

If you’re lucky enough, your satisfied customers will post positive reviews on your social media pages or in an email thanking you for your service. However, more often than not, you will have to ask for them yourself. The best time to do this is immediately after you have finished a job successfully, while you’re still fresh in your client’s mind. Simply ask if they wouldn’t mind writing a review on one of your social media pages or ask them to reply to an email with a review or testimonial about the great work you did on the job you just completed for them.

Few ways to get reviews from customers:

  • Encourage customers to leave a review on your social media pages
  • Request feedback or a testimonial via email or phone call
  • Ask customers to review your business after a transaction


What If You Can’t Have Reviews?

Some businesses, like medical professionals, can’t have reviews because their industry ombudsman or governing body prevents it. So if you’re in one of these industries, be careful before you start using or promoting reviews. Always check with your governing body first.


blog post

4. Update the Website’s Content Regularly

Your website’s success isn’t a one-time event. To keep your site visible and engaging, you need to commit to regular updates and maintenance. That way, your visitors will always have something new to enjoy, and search engines will see your site as active and relevant. Your web developer should take care of the technical aspects of your site, but it’s up to you to provide fresh, engaging content.

Most platforms that are used to create websites these days have an integrated blogging feature. The most popular of these platforms is WordPress. This makes it extremely easy for you to create regular blog posts for your business and keep your website up-to-date and fresh.


What content should you post on your blog?

When it comes to deciding what content to post in your blog, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

  1. Make sure that your blog posts are relevant to your business. This means that you should blog about topics that are related to what you do or sell. For example, if you own a bakery, you might want to blog about new recipes, tips for baking, or even pictures of your latest creations.
  2. Make sure that your blog posts are interesting and engaging. This means that you should try to write in a way that will capture the attention of your readers and make them want to keep reading.
  3. Make sure that your blog posts are informative. This means that you should provide your readers with information that they can use to improve their lives or businesses. For example, if you own a business that provides services to businesses, you might want to blog about tips for improving customer service, or how to get more clients.


5. Email Signup

Although social media marketing has risen over recent years to be a dominant force in online marketing, email marketing should still remain stable as part of your marketing mix as it still proves to be a powerful marketing strategy that generates great ROI for all businesses whether you are an accountant, plumber or medical practice.

You’ve managed to get people to your website, but maybe they didn’t make an inquiry or call you. This could be down to a few reasons, like lack of time, they are still in the investigation process, or just checking out a few options. This is where you need to capture their email address for future marketing and help get them through the door and engage your services.


How can you get website visitors to sign up?

By offering something of value, such as an offer or useful information, you can build trust with your business and gain authority in your industry. Once you have their email address, you can use it to market to them over time and nurture a relationship, which may eventually lead to conversions.


Accreditations, Credentials & Licenses

6. Accreditations, Credentials & Licenses

As a professional service provider, it’s important to show your credentials and accreditations to build trust with potential clients. Depending on your industry, you may need certain licenses to operate legally. By displaying this information on your website, you can show that you’re a legitimate business and help build customer confidence.


Looking for an agency to build your service website?

WoWoNiNi offers quality website design and development services for businesses of all sizes. Our team of web designers and developers can create a custom website that reflects your brand and meets your business needs.

We hope these tips will help you build a better website and attract more customers. If you found these tips helpful, please leave a comment below or contact us to let us know! We always love hearing from our readers.

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