2022 Top 5 Recommended WordPress Store Locator Plugins

2022 Top 5 Recommended WordPress Store Locator Plugins

2022 Top 5 Recommended WordPress Store Locator Plugins

If you want to grow sales for your retail brand, you need a marketing strategy that not only educates consumers on why they need your products but also makes it easier for them to find your products in local stores.

One way to make it easier for consumers to find your products is to include a store locator page on your website. This can be a great way to boost sales and grow your retail business.

If your website is powered by WordPress, there are many software options available for creating and managing a store locator. These options range from simple map-building tools to plugins that offer a wide range of features and functionality.

Here are the 5 store locator plugins that we would recommend:


1. WP Google Maps


wp google map

WP Google Maps is one of the best-rated store locator plugins for WordPress websites. The plugin is designed to be easy to use, with a simple shortcode that can be used to add a customized map to any WordPress site.

It is also compatible with both caching plugins and Cloudflare, making it a more reliable and faster option for website owners. The more advanced version of this plugin also has some great features like the ability to add directions and list Google map markers and search for stores based on categories.

Features of WP Google Maps:

  • You can easily create markers on the map by entering in an address.
  • It is super responsive, even on mobile devices. This is great because mobile phones are the most used devices nowadays.
  • There are a variety of map themes to choose from (up to 9).
  • You can locate stores based on categories.
  • Adding add animations to the map markers is doable.
  • Including different Google map types, including satellite, road, terrain, and hybrid.


2. Agile Store Locator


agile store locator

Agile Store Locator is a powerful store finder plugin that gives you access to every store in your area, with over 10,000 installs. It offers a powerful backend management system that lets you customize styles, themes, markers, import/export stores, manage categories and more.

It also provides many readymade templates to help you build your store locator. If you install this plugin on your WordPress website, you’ll get access to five premium themes to better personalize the store locator.

Features of Agile Store Locator:

  • Add custom fields and markers
  • Click and search zoom
  • Multiple info-box
  • List and accordion layout
  • Map language features
  • Set distance and priority stores


3. WP Store Locator


wp store locator

The plugin has received an excellent rating and is a highly recommended WordPress locator plugin. It has an easy-to-use management system which allows users to manage an unlimited number of stores. It is also compatible with most plugins like WPML and qTranslate X.

This plugin code is developer-friendly, and thus, users can use custom posts and over 30 filters if they want to change the appearance of the locator. Customers can easily filter their search results and can quickly locate the store that is closest to them.

With this plugin, you can choose from a variety of premium add-ons such as a search widget, which helps customers to search for the closest stores from a list of areas on the website. It also features a CSV manager which lets users import, export and update their locations directly through a CSV file.

Features of WP Store Locator:

  • It allows you to add extra details to the markers.
  • A range of language choices is provided to your customers while using Google Maps.
  • A variety of stores in a given area is shown so your customer can choose the nearest store.


4. ListDOM



Listdom is a highly-rated store locator plugin with over 1,000 active installs. It is completely free and provides users with 80 skins and views, all of which are mobile-friendly and responsive.

Some developer tools and features are available with this plugin, which include complete use of the WordPress structure and the ability to override the styles and skins in the theme that is currently active.

Features of ListDOM:

  • Skins like single maps, carousels, masonry, and grid
  • Advanced marker clustering
  • Listing contact info
  • Location tools
  • Shortcodes generator
  • Colour manager and custom styles


5. 10Web Map Builder


10web map builder

The 10Web Map Builder for Google Maps is the perfect plugin for adding the convenience and functionality of Google Maps to your website. Packed with features, this handy plugin makes it easy to add maps to your site and customize them to fit your needs.

The plugin makes it easy to customize your maps. The live preview option lets you see your changes as you make them, so you can build your map more efficiently. It is also highly compatible with all WordPress themes.

Features of 10Web Map Builder:

  • The maps are customizable.
  • Responsive maps.
  • Unlimited geolocation tools and useful markers.
  • Very easy to use.
  • A live preview option is available.


Final Thoughts

Using a store locator can provide numerous benefits to your local business, including increased revenue and improved success rates. For example, a store locator can help to optimize your website for local SEO. Additionally, a store locator might drive more traffic to both your physical store and your website.

Furthermore, a store locator can increase efficiency for both your customers and your business. Therefore, you should build a store locator for your local business now. Using the best store locator plugin designed for your needs, creating a store locator can be fast and easy.

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