What is a landing page? How does it work?

What is a landing page? How does it work?

What is a Landing Page?

So, what is a landing page? According to Yoast, “In digital marketing, a landing page is a page specifically designed for one purpose: to make a visitor convert.” It is also known as a standalone web page where visitors land after clicking the ads from social media platforms or email.

A landing page is different from a website. A website serves different purposes; however, a landing page is designed for a specific objective or goal. The idea of a landing page is to reduce distraction and increase the chance of a conversion. Therefore, the design of the landing page usually needs to keep short, simple and straightforward.


How Effective is a Landing Page?

Across industries, the average landing page conversion rate was 2.35%, yet the top 25% are converting at 5.31% or higher. (Source: WordStream)

This means that if you have 100 visitors land on your landing page, only 2 of them will actually complete the steps that you want them to do.

Did this result disappoint you?

I have good news for you! As long as you fulfil the below requirements, you are definitely able to increase the conversion rate.


What is a Landing Page?

5 Effective Ways to Improve Conversion

1. Focus on ONE goal only

Do not be greedy to stack everything in your landing page. Only share the relevant information about the specific product or service.

CTA (Call to Action) buttons are a smart way to grab the visitors’ attention. It helps you attract your visitors to click on it and complete the actions you want them to do.

According to Bluleadz, putting multiple offers on your landing page can decrease conversions by up to 266%. Because multiple offers confused and distract the visitors caused a decrease of conversions.


2. Use Relevant and Eye-catching Imagees

Landing page shouldn’t only contain words and form to collect information. A eye-catching image that can arouse curiosity and interest is very important to attaract your visitors to continue reading your content.

From Xeros, visitors are 80% more likely to read the content with interesting images. Therefore, images are the great way to capture attention and feelings to help to increase the engagement.


3. Simple & Clean

Landing page is used to achieve specific goal or objective. It is not the right place to show off your creativity unless they are persuasive and clear. Therefore, it is important to only focus on the related product or service to avoid any distraction.

Majority of the visitors will enter your landing page because they are interested in your product/service after seeing your ads from social media or emails. However, they may leave your landing page without any action if they found your landing page is not concise.

Therefore, it is important to make your sentence with purpose and lead them to support your CTA. Remember, fill your visitors with important info with as few words as possible and convert them as fast as possible.


4. Long-form Landing Page Brings Better Result

According to marketing experiments, statistic shows long landing pages can generate up to 220% more leads. Therefore, it is alright to have a long-form landing page however, it is still very important to ensure the content and images are relevant.

Visitors will stay longer on your landing page when you provide longer content to them. You can insert related videos, testimonials, and compelling graphics to better convince and present your product/service to your visitors.


5. Use the Right Call To Action (CTA)

CTA is a very important element in a landing page because it is the whole objective for the landing page.

Over 68% of businesses have five or more CTAs and links on their landing page, yet stats show thathaving only one CTA boosts conversions. source: neilpatel

We need to make sure our CTA is relevant and consistent with our offering. Therefore, we need to make our CTA button stand out on our landing page.

For example, we can choose a bright colour, bigger font and larger button. We can also use arrows to draw visitors’ attention.



Landing pages are a very good tool to use to achieve our marketing objective. It enables us to collect leads, promote our products/services, and etc. Having more landing pages means we have higher chances to convert visitors to sales.

Building a landing page looks very simple however a successful sales converting landing page is not easy. If you still yet to have a landing page, get one now!

We believe with the aid of the landing page, the success rate of your marketing campaign will be increased by at least 30%.

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